Daily Bible Reading Day 88

Daily Bible Reading Day 88

Daily Bible Reading Day 88: Exodus 40/John 19

Exodus 40

Building the tabernacle was truly a group effort.  Moses was the leader but he entrusted all the people to take part some how.  We as Christians are to help to advance the Kingdom of God.  Do something not nothing, no matter how big or small.  All is appreciated and valued by God and the church.

The Israelites endured great hardship escaping Egypt and then they were brought great glory after the tabernacle was built.  Pain then glory/redemption.  This is like our lives today.  We will endure hardship and then God will redeem.

John 19

Jesus was tortured before He hung on the cross.  Pilate tried to talk to Jesus but succumbed to the pressures of the Jewish people that Pilate would be against Cesar.

Pilate gave Jesus to the guards and they prepared Him for the cruxificion.  The stripped Jesus of his clothes and only allowed a small piece of garment to cover Him.  This was all in the prophesies in the books of the Old Testament.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the wife of Clopas saw Jesus hanging on the cross.  Jesus asked for his thirst to be quenched and they gave him cheap wine.  Then he said, “It is finished” and his spirit left Him and he died on the cross.

Usually the guards would break the legs of the people who were crucified but they did not with Jesus.  They did pierce his side and blood and water came out.  Jesus did indeed die.  Bones of sacrificial lambs used at Passover were never broken.  Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice.

Joseph and Nicodemus, were secret Jewish  followers of Jesus.  They prepared Jesus’ body for the burial and wrapped Him in linen.  He was placed inside a tomb in a garden.