Daily Bible Reading Day 79

Daily Bible Reading Day 79

Daily Bible Reading Day 79: Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7

Temptation is embedded in the ways of world.  The keys to conquering temptation are having a firm foundation in Christ, avoiding people and situations that you know will make you weak, and remembering what is at stake.

Giving in to temptation will never fill the void of what is lacking in your life.  The feelings you have of desire and lust are fleeting.  The feelings you have after you commit the sin will tear you a part and cause damage to you and your loved ones.  It is not worth it!

If you find yourself faced with temptation, pray and remember what is at stake.  Learn to dig deep into what can be done to fill those voids.

Daily Bible Reading Day 72

Daily Bible Reading Day 72: Job 42

Job 42

God redeemed Job from all of his sufferings.  He was given livestock, a new family, and many more healthy years of living.

Job was remorseful of doubting God.  God condemned the friends of Job for accusing Job of sin.  God never mentioned Job and sin.  Therefore, Job lived a righteous life before all of that suffering.

There are many things God will do that we will never understand.  Let our faith increase and may we trust in the Lord to carry us through all we encounter.  We may not see the glory in this life, but we will in eternity.  God will redeem all of our hurt.

Daily Bible Reading Day 62

Daily Bible Reading Day 62: Job 32

Job 32

Job’s three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar came to counsel Job.  However, their counsel instead was a rebuke for being a sinner.  Job’s suffering had nothing to do with sin.  There was another person who traveled with the group, named Elihu.

Elihu was much younger than the other three.  He questioned his youth if he should speak.  Even though his statements weren’t completely correct, he gave a better explanation than the other three men.  Elihu told Job to see his suffering in a different way, that there may be a greater purpose.  He did tell Job his focus on his suffering caused him to sin but that he should trust in God to show him through to the other side.

In those dark seasons, we may never believe or see there will be an end to it.  Let us trust the Lord, He our best interest in mind and to pray for redemption from the suffering.

Daily Bible Reading Day 55

Daily Bible Reading Day 55: Job 25 & 26

Job 25

Bildad spoke to Job again and blamed his situation on sin.  Bildad said Job was prideful since Job claims he was not sinful.  Job knew he was not without sin, but that he could not be suffering because of specific sin.

Job 26

Job justified his life as honest.  He knew he followed God.  Job told his friends, like Bildad that they could not know everything about God because God’s wisdom is so vast.  Many times we accuse and advise people who are in terrible situations, instead of showing love and compassion.  Try to remember how we want to be treated when times are rough.

Daily Bible Reading Day 53

Daily Bible Reading Day 53: Job 22

Job 22

Eliphaz spoke to Job again.  He told him that sinners need to repent of their sins.  Eliphaz declared that Job thought too little of God and that God was with us.  Even though Eliphaz spoke the truth, it did not apply to Job’s situation.  Job asked for forgiveness and worshipped God all along.

God is with us, He is not far away.  He sees all of our sins.  We cannot hide them from God.  Repent and be free from the bondage sin brings.



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