Daily Bible Reading Day 79

Daily Bible Reading Day 79

Daily Bible Reading Day 79: Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7

Temptation is embedded in the ways of world.  The keys to conquering temptation are having a firm foundation in Christ, avoiding people and situations that you know will make you weak, and remembering what is at stake.

Giving in to temptation will never fill the void of what is lacking in your life.  The feelings you have of desire and lust are fleeting.  The feelings you have after you commit the sin will tear you a part and cause damage to you and your loved ones.  It is not worth it!

If you find yourself faced with temptation, pray and remember what is at stake.  Learn to dig deep into what can be done to fill those voids.

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Daily Bible Reading Day 11

Daily Bible Reading Day 11: Nehemiah 1

Nehemiah 1

Nehemiah was cup bearer to the King Artaxerxes of Persia.  Nehemiah was influential and trusted by the king.  Jerusalem had walls around the city that became deteriorated after the exile of the Israelites.  Nehemiah became the leader of rebuilding the walls.  He prayed and he took action.


Daily Bible Reading Day 9

Daily Bible Reading Day 9: Ezra 9

Ezra 9

Many Israelites married pagan women.  God did not want these type of marriages because He knew they would compromise their beliefs and take on the pagan lifestyle.  When it comes to marriage, we need to be “equally yoked”.  It is difficult to be bonded to someone who does not believe in the same things.  These marriages tore many away from God.

Ezra saw this sin.  He was devastated and went to prayer.  He prayed for their confession and reconciliation to God.  Ezra prayed for God to have mercy and grace.  He knew their punishment would be too great to bear.  As much as we want justice, the punishment may be too much for the sins we commit.  Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy!

Daily Bible Reading Day 8

Daily Bible Reading Day 8: Ezra 8

Ezra 8

Ezra and the second group of exiles traveled back to Jerusalem.  They prepared before the journey with prayer and fasting, which made them depend greatly on the Lord.  They strengthened their spiritual minds, which would help them when they endured physical pain.  Their prayers were well thought out and not rushed.  They sought the Lord with all their hearts.

There was a large amount of silver to transport for the temple.  They were to do this without extra security.  God entrusted them.  Take stewardship seriously with whatever amount you were blessed with, large or small.  All money belongs to Him.

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Daily Bible Reading Day 348

Daily Bible Reading Day 348: 2 Chronicles 16/ Revelation 5

2 Chronicles 16

Asa was king of Israel.  Asa trusted God, but many times looked to man for the answers.  Asa removed his mother from the throne because that is what God wanted.  In other situations, Asa did not seek the direction of God.  Asa threw the prophet, Hanani in jail, which was the wrong decision.  Asa became ill, when he was older and went to “doctors” who were not real physicians, more like a witch doctor.  Asa did not go to God and he died.  God wants us to trust him wholeheartledly.  It is a sin to trust man more than God.

Revelation 5

Jesus died for our sins, rose again, holds the keys to Heaven and Hell, and is the future.  Jesus is the only one, who was worthy to open the scrolls.

Jesus is the lion and the lamb.  The lion represents the power  and authority.  The lamb represents the ultimate sacrifice of dying for all of our sins.  Share the message of Jesus to everyone.  Christ will welcome those who receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, no matter their ethnicity.  Jesus is not prejudice!