Daily Bible Reading Day 330

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Daily Bible Reading Day 330

Daily Bible Reading Day 330: 1 Chronicles 22/ 1 Peter 3

1 Chronicles 22

There was a gift of land to David for him to build God’s temple.  But David knew that this was not to be a gift but a sacrifice unto God.

Due to David’s sins, God said David’s son, Solomon would be the one ultimately to build the temple.  David heard God’s “no” and accepted it.  He was not jealous of his son.  There will be times someone else will see it come to fruition, even though you worked hard on it.  Be thankful that it gets accomplished instead of who achieves it.

1 Peter 3

Submission is to voluntarily cooperate with someone out of love and respect for God and to that person.  It isn’t a demeaning action.  We are instructed as wives to do that to our husbands.  Husbands are to respect their wives. If they do not, this can hinder answers to their prayers.  By having the right relationship with others, we can have the right relationship with God.

Our actions speak louder than words.  We are to show others the meaning of being a Christian by how we act more than what we say.

Keep the peace, do not take revenge, pray for our enemies, be a blessing.





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Daily Bible Reading Day 321

Daily Bible Reading Day 321: 1 Chronicles 9 &10/ Hebrews 12

1 Chronicles 9

The people exiled to Babylon returned to Judah.  They were exiled because of sin.  Many did not sin, but they were affected by the sin of the majority.  We still need to speak out against sin, even if we are ostracized.

Worship is an important part of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  The Levites and other priests spent a lot of time in worship.  Worship of our God, should not be condensed into a 20 minute session, one day a week.  We need to find the time to worship and praise him daily!

1 Chronicles 10

The Philistines fought against Israel when Saul was king.  The Israelites were fighting a losing battle.  Saul did not obey the Lord and was unfaithful.  He remained passive.  The Philistines killed three of Saul’s sons.  Saul found out and killed himself.  The Philistines found Saul dead, took his head and armor and brought that to their pagan temple.

Hebrews 12

Discipline.  Good parents do this on the daily basis.  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, He disciplines us as a good parent.  He is our spiritual parent that wants us to be our best.

We must remove all that is causing us to sin and stunt our growth.   As Christians, we must remove all things that keep us from sinning and obeying God.  If we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will live well.  Bitterness causes disappointment to take root and make our lives miserable.  We are called to be peaceful with one another.  People make that difficult, but it better to have peace than constant discourse.

God is a consuming fire.  He will consume all sin.  Only what are good and righteous will remain.


Daily Bible Reading Day 180

Daily Bible Reading Day 180: Joshua 1/Psalms 120-122

Joshua 1

Joshua was chosen to be the leader of God’s people after Moses’ death.   Moses guided and taught him what to do.  Joshua purpose was to enter and conquer the promised land with the Israelites.

Joshua’s followed these guidelines: be strong and courageous, follow God’s law, and read and study the word.  This is the manner God wants us to live our lives.  God’s way may not give us the success of the world, but we are not of this world.

Psalms 120

Peace.  I want more of this in my life.  I want it in the world.  Unfortunately, we are prone to disagree and fight.  Thankfully, God is peace.  God wants us to strive for peacemaking, since the two parties come out winning.

Psalms 121

God is all powerful.  He is our protector. God created the universe, so He can take of us.

Psalms 122

Worship is a part of our relationship with God.  Many find it daunting to come to the Father, but God wants us to enjoy His Presence.

True peace can come only from God.  World peace cannot meet that need.

Let us also pray for others besides ourselves.  People are struggling and hurting.  They need us to petition and contend on their behalf.  Do not forget others.  Prayer is our communication to God.

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Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 32: Genesis 33/Mark 4

Genesis 33

Jacob and his family met Esau and his army.  Jacob bowed down to him when he saw Esau.  Esau ran over to him and hugged and kissed his brother.  They cried.

Jacob wasn’t sure how this meeting would go.  But Esau was loving and joyful for Jacob.  The bitterness was gone.  There are times in our lives when someone does us wrong.  It could be life altering. But allowing the bitterness to grow deep and take root will only make us suffer every day.

Mark 4

Jesus spoke in parables.  If people were receptive to Jesus’ message, then they could understand the story.  If people were not ready to receive the message, they could not understand.

The 4 soils represented how we receive God’s word.  When we are willing to live for God, we will flourish and God will take care of His children.  The other soils represent when people are ready for some changes and some who are not.

Verse 23 says, “if anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.”  God speaks but we must allow Him to be heard in our lives.  Spiritual growth is a long process.  We must tender to it, not hinder.  Great or small faith has the ability to advance God’s Kingdom.

When Jesus was on the boat, He was unafraid at the storm outside.  We face physical and emotional storms.  Putting our trust and faith in God is the only way we can handle the storms in our lives.  This was we can be calm and comforted.


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Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 25: Genesis 26/Matthew 25

Genesis 26

There was a famine in the land.  Isaac went to talk to Abimelech the King of the Philistines in the city of Gerar.  Isaac felt he should move to Egypt,  but God instructed him to stay where he was told, in Gerar.

Isaac felt Rebekah would be taken from him to become someone else’s wife.  He lied that she was his sister.  (Where did he learn that from? Hmmm…)  Abimelech knew that she was his wife and told him not to lie.  Abraham did this with Sarah.  As parents, we should live righteously, then our children will see that example.

God kept His promise and blessed Isaac.  The Philistine’s were jealous of Isaac.  They decided to plug the water wells.  Access to water was life or death.   If someone did that to you in that time, a war could break out.  Isaac kept the peace.  He would move on to try to find another open area in the land to have water access.   Isaac gave up what was rightfully his, to keep the peace.  Many times we have to sacrifice things to keep the peace.  But there is a time to stand up and fight for it.  Thankfully the Philistines did not continue to plug up anymore wells and ceased their fight against Isaac.  Isaac made this an opportunity to celebrate and had a feast.

Esau, one of the twins of Isaac and Rebekah, he married two Pagan women.  This greatly upset Isaac and Rebekah.  When we are single and we have dedicated parents, we should come to them for advice and guidance.  If he confided in them, they would have suggested or found him a wife.

Matthew 25

Jesus told another parable for his return.  We will never know the day or time, but we must be spiritually ready.  We must also be responsible for our own spiritual readiness.

Jesus told a parable about borrowed money.  One hid away the money, the other two invested it.  The two who invested the money, brought back the original money plus more back to their master.  The other one brought back the original amount.  The master was very upset with the one who did nothing with the money.  The money represents our duty to use our spiritual gifts to bring others to Christ or help one another.  We must use what God has given us and God will reward us.

Our hearts must be ready for Christ’s return.  We can be prepared or live complacent lives.  God will separate the obedient from the unbelievers.

We need to love one another and serve those in need.  This glorifies the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is saving us from eternal punishment.