Daily Bible Reading Day 180

Daily Bible Reading Day 180

Daily Bible Reading Day 180: Joshua 1/Psalms 120-122

Joshua 1

Joshua was chosen to be the leader of God’s people after Moses’ death.   Moses guided and taught him what to do.  Joshua purpose was to enter and conquer the promised land with the Israelites.

Joshua’s followed these guidelines: be strong and courageous, follow God’s law, and read and study the word.  This is the manner God wants us to live our lives.  God’s way may not give us the success of the world, but we are not of this world.

Psalms 120

Peace.  I want more of this in my life.  I want it in the world.  Unfortunately, we are prone to disagree and fight.  Thankfully, God is peace.  God wants us to strive for peacemaking, since the two parties come out winning.

Psalms 121

God is all powerful.  He is our protector. God created the universe, so He can take of us.

Psalms 122

Worship is a part of our relationship with God.  Many find it daunting to come to the Father, but God wants us to enjoy His Presence.

True peace can come only from God.  World peace cannot meet that need.

Let us also pray for others besides ourselves.  People are struggling and hurting.  They need us to petition and contend on their behalf.  Do not forget others.  Prayer is our communication to God.

Daily Bible Reading Day 175

Daily Bible Reading Day 175: Deuteronomy 29/Psalms 119:49-72

Deuteronomy 29

Moses called to all of the Israelites about their commitment to God.  Moses spoke how following God is truly the best way to live.

Moses told the people if they are chose to turn from God, their lives will suffer.  Sin, no matter how big or small, will take root   In our lives and grow.  That growth will yield pain and suffering.

God has purposely not revealed everything about Him.  Our minds cannot comprehend His glory and power.  Some thing will be revealed, but only when we are able to receive it.  As God is patient with us, we must also be patient with Him.

Psalms 119:49-72

When we keep our lives aligned with God, we can rest in His promises.  Our lives will have pain and suffering.  We can ask for forgiveness to put us on the right track from sin.  And we can dwell in knowing God will help us and protect us from greater danger.


Daily Bible Reading Day 154

Daily Bible Reading Day 154: Deuteronomy 7/Psalms 90

Deuteronomy 7

God kept His promise to His people by making way for them to enter the promised land,  even though they would have to fight and destroy nations.   Those nations were evil.   God does not take sin lightly.  He will not let evil win.

Moses told God’s people that God would destroy those evil nations, but not all at once.  God has the power to take care of it all at once, but God is always trying to teach us a lesson. Therefore things are done one step at a time.

Moses warned the nation not to get tangled up in idolatry.  Even if you think you will not participate in sinful acts, being around them can still bring temptation.

Psalms 90

God is eternal.  Time doesn’t mean anything to Him.  We must never be discouraged, no matter how long things take because we can rest in Him.

Daily Bible Reading Day 153

Daily Bible Reading Day 153: Deuteronomy 6/Psalms 89

Deuteronomy 6

Moses wanted God’s people to truly follow the commands and laws of God.  Due to sin, their year journey could have been much shorter, instead of 40 years.  God did not want them to make sinful mistakes again.

Many people worshipped more than one god.  This is angers God.  We may think we do not worship gods from other religions, but anything we put before God is an idol.  Success, money, loving celebrities, being a sports fan, and etc. I are all idols.

God want us to be devoted daily to following Him.  When we put God first, He takes care of us.  Our lives will not be pain free, but our relationship with God will be right.

Psalsm 89

King David was the most successful King.  God promised David’s descendants to reign on the throne forever.  Even though the kingdom would be destroyed in the future, this promised was about Jesus Christ.

Even though His people became disobedient, God does not go back on His promises.

Righteousness, justice, love and faithfulness represent God.  Let our actions represent God each and every day.

Daily Bible Reading Day 152

Daily Bible Reading Day 152: Deuteronomy 5/Psalms 88

Deuteronomy 5

Moses wanted God’s chosen people to wholeheartedly follow God.  Moses said to hear, learn and follow God.  He reiterated the Ten Commandments.

Following each of these commandments teaches us how to live a godly life.  God provides everything we need in our lives.  We do not need to want other people’s lives, because we know the Lord.

Psalms 88

When we suffer, it tears us a part.  We want to isolate and retreat alone.  God understands us when we are deep in misery and despair.  God wants us to come to Him in prayer, especially during these times.   And if we know someone suffering, contend with them in prayer.