Daily Bible Reading Day 87

Daily Bible Reading Day 87

Daily Bible Reading Day 87: Exodus 39/John 18

Exodus 39

The tabernacle was finally completed.  Every detail that God instructed to Moses was executed well by the people.  Moses blessed them for all of the hard work.  Moses entrusted the people with huge responsibility to complete the tabernacle correctly.  And God was pleased.

John 18

Jesus knew Judas was the disciple who would betray Him.  The time had now come for Judas to sell out Jesus.  There religious leaders and guards came to arrest Jesus and take Him away for trial.  Jesus asked them who they came for.  They said, “Jesus of Nazareth”.  And Jesus replied, “I am he”.  This was His declaration that He was God.

Peter tried to stop the arrest.  He drew his sword and cut off an ear of one of the guards.  Jesus stopped anymore damage. It was difficult for these disciples to see the man they have come to love, serve and trust to be arrested.

God always has a plan even if we don’t understand it.  We should not take matters into our own hands.  We need to hear from God.

Jesus did tell Peter he would deny him 3 times.  We never think we would deny Jesus, but when things get tough and uncomfortable we may be in the same situation.  Stand on guard for God no matter what.

Two high priest, Annas and Caiaphas, were there to question Jesus.  First Annas heard him and then Jesus was taken to Caiaphas.  All of this was done in the middle of the night. They truly had nothing on Jesus, but were building a false case against Him.  These high priests only wanted to advance their political ambitions instead of listening to scripture and seeing the truth.

The disciples were hurting.  Peter was asked if he knew Jesus and he denied knowing Him, just like Jesus said.

After the meetings with Annas and Caiaphas, they brought Jesus to Pilate.  Pilate knew the religious leaders hated Jesus.  However Pilate was not sure why Jesus was being arrested.  The religious leaders tried to convince Pilate that Jesus was claiming to be their King, their Messiah. Pilate asked Jesus and Jesus said He was King but for another world.

Pilate found Jesus to be innocent.  But instead of releasing Jesus, he tried to have them do the deciding.  Pilate asked to release Jesus or someone else and the Jews asks for the murderer, Barabbas, instead of Jesus.

Daily Bible Reading Day 81

Daily Bible Reading Day 80: Exodus 33/John 12

Exodus 33

God told Moses that he and his people would leave the place they were currently at. They were to go to the promise land.  Moses prayed to God.  God told Moses because he was good and obedient, that He would be with him.

John 12

Mary (the sister of Martha and Lazarus) anointed Jesus with a very expensive perfume.  Judas, the one who would betray Jesus complained that she wasted money using the perfume.  He felt she should have sold it and donated it to them to give to the poor.  But Judas was in charge of keeping the money that was given to Jesus and the disciples and he would dip into their money.  Jesus told Judas that maybe she should have saved it for His burial.  But also, that she did good and that the poor will always be around to serve, as He would not.

A large crowd of Jews heard Jesus was nearby.  They also heard Lazarus was with Him.  This group wanted to kill both Jesus and Lazarus.  We are aware as to why they didn’t like Jesus.  Lazarus was on their radar because many began following Jesus because Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus.  They didn’t want more following Jesus.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and most of the crowd hailed Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus explained that He must die for our sins and to glorify God.  Jesus came to give salvation and eternal life.  Jesus was not here on earth to judge.  However, when Jesus returns, He will judge how we lived out live out here on Earth.  Let us be the light for the world.

Daily Bible Reading Day 67

Daily Bible Reading Day 68: Exodus 19/Luke 22

Exodus 19

Moses and The Israelites were in the desert of Sinai.  Moses went up Mount Sinai and God spoke to Moses.  God told Moses He was going to reveal Himself to the Israelites.  God commanded that Moses tell the people to obey God fully and keep His covenant.

Moses went to the elders of the people and told them what he heard from God.  Moses said how God wanted them to be prepared physically and spiritually ready when God revealed Himself to them.  God warned that if anyone was not ready to meet Him, they would be destroyed.

We should leave our daily cares and woes when we worship the Lord.

Luke 22

Passover was coming up.  Jesus told them about a man who would be carrying a pitcher of water and to follow the man to a house.  There was a guest room, which we know today as the “Upper Room”.  The disciples prepared for Passover.

Jesus and the disciples had Passover, but we know it as “The Last Supper”.  Jesus explained how the bread represented his soon to be broken body.  The wine represented his blood that would be shed.  The bread and wine represented the sacrifice of Jesus’ life for the forgiveness our sins.

Always partake of the Lord’s supper/Communion, in rememberance for what Jesus did for us!

Jesus told Peter that Peter would deny Him three times to other people.  Peter couldn’t believe that.  However, when we are faced with people who question or attack our beliefs, many times we back track on standing firm in our faith.

Jesus also changed his earlier instruction for the disciples when they travel.  He wanted them to carry a bag with money and a sword because they would face persecution.

Jesus went up to Mount Sinai to pray.  Jesus knew what was coming and He was hurting.  An angel came to strengthen Jesus.  Jesus saw the disciples were in sleeping because they were in distress and told them to pray to avoid temptation.

Judas came with the temple guards and priests to pick out Jesus and arrest Him.  Jesus knew it would be Judas who would betray Him.

Peter denied Jesus the three times as Jesus said.

The religious leaders asked Jesus questions about being the son of God.  Jesus answered them and they sent Him to trial.




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Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 27: Genesis 28/Matthew 27

Genesis 28

Isaac blessed Jacob and told him to not marry a Canaanite woman.  Issac told him where to travel towards the city of Paddan Abram.  Esau heard how displeased Isaac was with Canaanite women, so Esau went and took another wife from Canaan.

Jacob settled and found a stone.  He used it as a pillow and fell asleep.  God visited Jacob in a dream and told him this is where he shall remain and he will be promised many descendants.  When Jacob awoke, he made a vow to God to stay.  The city was called Bethel.

Matthew 27

The religious leaders and chief priests made their decision to hand over Jesus to Pilate, the governor.

Judas realized what he had done and tried to convince the leaders to let Jesus go.  Unfortunately, they were too deep into their plan and would not stop.  Judas hanged himself.

Jesus was questioned by Pilate.  Jesus only answered one question.  Pilate wasn’t sure about why Jesus was being charged.  The religious leaders needed to have a government official charge him because they could not.  They twisted Jesus’ words into a political crime.  Pilate knew he couldn’t persuade the crowd, so he caved under their pressure and sent Jesus to be cruicified.

Jesus was spat on, beaten, ridiculed and verbally abused by the Roman soldiers.  The torture was unbelievable.

Jesus died on the cross, after many hours of suffering.  When Jesus took His last breath, the curtain of the temple slit in two and there was an earthquake.  The tombs of many opened up. Those that were at the cross saw this event and knew for sure, Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus was moved to a tomb by the request of one of the disciples, named Joseph.  Joseph prepared Jesus’ body and laid it in a tomb.  He rolled a boulder in front of the entrance.  Mary Magdalene and Mary were sitting there watching the tomb.

The Pharisees and chief priests asked Pilate for there to be guards in front of the tomb.  The reason is they remembered Jesus said he would rise on the third day.  They wanted to make sure no one would move Jesus’ body.




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Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 26: Genesis 27/Matthew 26

Genesis 27

Isaac was near death and he wanted to give his first born son, Esau his birthright.  Rebekah heard Isaac asking for Esau.  Isaac told Esau to go hunt and prepare it and serve him.  Then he would bless Esau with his birthright.

Rebekah favored their other son, Jacob.  Rebekah wanted Jacob to trick his father into thinking Esau was him.  Jacob was reluctant at first.  But Rebekah wanted the plan to work so badly.  Her sin would create so much turmoil.

Unfortunately, Jacob was able to trick Esau.  Once Isaac gave his word that Jacob would be the primary heir, the deal was sealed.  A person’s spoken word was so important, that no matter the situation, it coul dnot be changed.

Esau was angered by this chain of events.  He wanted to kill Jacob. Rebekah told Jacob to flea and let Esau cool down.  Unfortunately, Jacob would never see his mother again, Esau would become a great enemy, and other bad events would end up happening later.

When we sin and continue down that path, we destroy more than we could even imagine.  If you feel guilt in your actions or your moral compass seems off, then stop and try to make things right.  It is better to suffer little, than greatly.

Matthew 26

This chapter begins to explain the death of Jesus Christ.  Jesus knows what is coming.  He begins to prepare his disciples for it.  His disciples do not want to believe this will happen.

Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, anoints Jesus with expensive perfume.  The disciples were upset that she “wasted” such expensive perfume to wash Jesus.  Jesus told them, it was not a waste, but it was a beautiful thing.

Judas was the disciple who was to betray Jesus. Judas was greedy.  He assumed Jesus was doing a political revolution.  He did not realize Jesus came for a spiritual revolution.  Judas offered to give up Jesus.  They gave him 30 pieces of silver, the same amount to buy a slave.

Passover was near.  Jesus gathered his disciples for dinner.  This is what we know as the Last Supper.  He called out Judas as his traitor.  Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine.  He blessed the bread and wine and offered thanks.  The bread represented his body and the wine represented the blood of the new covenant.  We know this as communion.

Communion is a time to remember what this promise meant.  The new covenant was so we can go directly to God instead of through a priest or sacrificing an animal.  Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, the lamb who was slain.

Jesus warned Peter that Peter would deny knowing Him.  And later on Peter did.  Peter was angry and sad at himself for doing that.

Jesus knew what had to take place, but He was overwhelmed of the physical suffering that He would have to endure.  Even Jesus can understand our pain.

The religious leaders were looking at every opportunity to stop Jesus from doing His work.   The crowds loved Him.  They knew there could be a fight at anytime if they tried to arrest Him.  But Judas was going to provide the opportunity for them to arrest Jesus.

Judas was with Jesus and the other disciples.  The religious leaders knew that Jesus would be there.  Jesus knew this was the moment He would be arrested.  His disciples deserted Jesus and he was taken to be charged.

They questioned Jesus and charged Jesus with blasphemy.  Jesus was spat on and beaten.

May we understand how Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.