Daily Bible Reading Day 105

Daily Bible Reading Day 105

Daily Bible Reading Day 105: Ecclesiastes 2

Ecclesiastes 2

Our pursuits in life should not be for fleeting things.  Working our fingers to the bone to earn money but to have no enjoyment in life, isn’t right.  Wisdom alone isn’t enough.  We all will die someday.  Many things won’t matter anymore.  However, to those who know the Lord they will have an eternal life.  May we love and serve the Lord and others, wholeheartedly and remember we will have eternity with Christ.

Solomon spent the early part of his life accumulating.  He collected expensive things, women, money, livestock, slaves, and power.  He still wasn’t happy and fulfilled.  These are all temporary fixes.  Nothing that this world has will ever fill the void like God.  You will never see a U-Haul truck following a hearse.

Daily Bible Reading Day 98

Daily Bible Reading Day 98: Proverbs 26

Proverbs 26

Engaging with fools is as productive as banging your head against the wall.  People who want to argue and be confrontational have no intention of learning or helping.  Social media comments end up dragging the life out of us.  Most times people want attention and suck the energy out of us.  Do not fuel the fire of aggressive behavior.

Fear, anxiety, and failure keep many of us from trying something new or difficult.  In order to avoid laziness, keep it simple.  One step at a time, one day at a time.  Ask our capable, Almighty Heavenly Father to guide your steps daily.

Daily Bible Reading Day 348

Daily Bible Reading Day 348: 2 Chronicles 16/ Revelation 5

2 Chronicles 16

Asa was king of Israel.  Asa trusted God, but many times looked to man for the answers.  Asa removed his mother from the throne because that is what God wanted.  In other situations, Asa did not seek the direction of God.  Asa threw the prophet, Hanani in jail, which was the wrong decision.  Asa became ill, when he was older and went to “doctors” who were not real physicians, more like a witch doctor.  Asa did not go to God and he died.  God wants us to trust him wholeheartledly.  It is a sin to trust man more than God.

Revelation 5

Jesus died for our sins, rose again, holds the keys to Heaven and Hell, and is the future.  Jesus is the only one, who was worthy to open the scrolls.

Jesus is the lion and the lamb.  The lion represents the power  and authority.  The lamb represents the ultimate sacrifice of dying for all of our sins.  Share the message of Jesus to everyone.  Christ will welcome those who receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, no matter their ethnicity.  Jesus is not prejudice!




Daily Bible Reading Day 344

Daily Bible Reading Day 344: 2 Chronicles 10/Revelation 1

2 Chronicles 10

Rehoboam succeeded Solomon as King of Israel.  Unfortunately, Rehoboam was in over his head.  He looked for advice just from his peers than from his father’s advisers.  He did not know how to handle difficulties and kept his focus negative.  He inherited the richest kingdom and lost it all.

Revelation 1

Revelation is a book about prophesy.  John was the writer.  He was one of the twelve disciples.  A lot of the scriptures include symbolic language and illustrations.  It is impossible to comprehend it all.  It can be intimidating to try and understand it.  However, let us remember, God will prevail and Jesus will return, so we must be ready.  Persecution is inevitable when you are a believer.  Share the gospel and your testimony.  The times is near!

Jesus holds the keys to death and Hades (Hell).  Jesus can free us from sin and the bondage of sin.  We do not need to fear.  Jesus will restore our broken lives, if we let Him.

Daily Bible Reading Day 342

Daily Bible Reading Day 342: 2 Chronicles 8/ 3 John 1

2 Chronicles 8

King Solomon married many pagan women.  He married Pharoah’s daughter to have an ally.  Solomon would not allow this wife to live in his father, David’s palace.  He knew God would not approve.  However, God sees all sin.  Do not give place to the enemy.  It only takes sinning in one place in your life to cause you a downfall.

3 John 1

John, a disciple of Jesus, explained the importance of hospitality for the church towards missionaries.  Those who share the gospel should not be in it for money; it should be for sharing the gospel.  There are some ways to help traveling missionaries. We could help them by providing meals, a place to stay or financially helping their travels.  To help them is a blessing not just to them but to God.

John spoke of a man named Diotrephes, who was causing trouble in the church.  John said he would speak up if Diotrephes caused trouble.  If someone is doing something that is harmful against the church or the word of God, we need to speak up.  We are to do what is good, not evil.



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