Daily Bible Reading Day 39

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Daily Bible Reading Day 39

Daily Bible Reading Day 39: Job 7

Job 7

Job spoke to God about his pain and suffering.  He wondered where God was in this entire situation.  Job questioned living his life blameless for nothing.  However, Job still did not sin.  As difficult as it is, we must not sin when we are suffering.

God sees us in every joy and heartache we experience.  But God is not looking at us in a critical way, but out of love and waiting to give us grace and mercy.

Daily Bible Reading Day 9

Daily Bible Reading Day 9: Ezra 9

Ezra 9

Many Israelites married pagan women.  God did not want these type of marriages because He knew they would compromise their beliefs and take on the pagan lifestyle.  When it comes to marriage, we need to be “equally yoked”.  It is difficult to be bonded to someone who does not believe in the same things.  These marriages tore many away from God.

Ezra saw this sin.  He was devastated and went to prayer.  He prayed for their confession and reconciliation to God.  Ezra prayed for God to have mercy and grace.  He knew their punishment would be too great to bear.  As much as we want justice, the punishment may be too much for the sins we commit.  Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy!

Daily Bible Reading Day 239

Daily Bible Reading Day 239: 1 Samuel 19/1 Corinthians 1

1 Samuel 19

“So Saul, listened to Jonathan and vowed, ‘as surely as the Lord lives, David will not be killed’” 1 Samuel 19:6

Jonathan, Saul’s son, knew that his father was not following God.  Saul was still jealous of David.  Saul wanted to again, try and murder David.  Jonathan and David’s wife, Michal, warned David of Saul’s plot.

Saul found out David’s whereabouts.  Saul went but the Holy Spirit went into him and Saul began to prophesize.  God can use anyone, no matter the size of their faith.  Do not be surprised when God uses the small than the mighty.

1 Corinthians 1

“God has untied you with Christ Jesus.  For our benefit God made him to be wisdom itself.  Christ made us right with God; He made us pure and holy, and He freed us from sin.”  1 Corinthians 1:30

Paul established a church in Corinth (Greece).  The Greeks thrived on knowledge, education and polytheism.  The message of Christ was difficult for the Greeks to comprehend. The simplicity of grace, faith, and resurrection of Christ were too hard to fathom.  Intelligence, while a gift, is not what you need to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  If you believe that Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected and died for your sins, you established a relationship with our Father God.

Paul reminded the church to not create division within the church and to remember Jesus is the forefront of Christianity.



Daily Bible Reading Day 225

Daily Bible Reading Day 225:  1 Samuel 3/Romans 3

1 Samuel 3

The voice of God was heard clear and audibly in the days of Moses.  However due to the sins of Israel, especially Eli’s son, no one heard God’s voice.

God spoke to Samuel.  Samuel did not know it was the Lord until Eli told him it was God.  Samuel listened and God told him Eli and his family would suffer the punishment from their sins.  Even though a sacrifice or offering would usually atone for sins, sadly they were past the point of redemption.

Samuel seemed like an unlikely choice to hear God because he was young.  But he was faithful and God chose that.

Romans 3

Paul taught on the following things.  God gives us grace.  He knows we are not perfect and that we still are sinners.  However, He wants us to go back to Him and ask for forgiveness.  In God’s eyes, forgiveness wipes away the sin as if it wasn’t committed.  God keeps no record of those wrongs.  When we have faith, we are removing ourselves and focusing on God/Christ.  Our relationship with God is more important than our performance.



Daily Bible Reading Day 224

Daily Bible Reading Day 224: 1 Samuel 2/Romans 2

1 Samuel 2

Hannah spoke a beautiful, poetic prayer in praise and thanks to God.  She marveled in all that God gave to her.  Her security and hope was truly in Him.

Hannah spoke of the harshness that she endured with Peninnah.  Hannah trusted that the Lord would judge her and punish her.  She did not harbor or resent her because she knew God would deliver.  It is a heavy burden to carry when we wish punishment on someone who harmed us or our family.  But we must know God will always take care of those that harm His people.

Hannah gave Samuel to the temple.  In her sacrifice, God blessed her with five more children!  We will never understand the timing or decisions of God, but He will bless those who trust in Him.

Samuel grew up and assisted Eli, the priest in the temple.  Eli had two sons, who were wicked and deceitful.  Eli’s son were supposed to be men of God but they robbed, cheated and tempted people.  Eli did not punish or hold them accountable for their actions.  If you ignore the inappropriate or evil actions of family that you are accountable for,  God will question you as well.

Romans 2

Paul preached to people about God’s judgement and to the Jewish people and the law.  As Christians, it is very easy to give advice, almost be sanctimonious.  But many who do, do not live holy lives.  Our lives should show people who is God.

Knowing right from wrong and doing good deeds, are all great.  But those things mean they mean nothing without faith and believing in God.  No one is perfect.  But, if we continue to sin and make no attempt to change, we are still guilty.