Daily Bible Reading Day 330

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Daily Bible Reading Day 330

Daily Bible Reading Day 330: 1 Chronicles 22/ 1 Peter 3

1 Chronicles 22

There was a gift of land to David for him to build God’s temple.  But David knew that this was not to be a gift but a sacrifice unto God.

Due to David’s sins, God said David’s son, Solomon would be the one ultimately to build the temple.  David heard God’s “no” and accepted it.  He was not jealous of his son.  There will be times someone else will see it come to fruition, even though you worked hard on it.  Be thankful that it gets accomplished instead of who achieves it.

1 Peter 3

Submission is to voluntarily cooperate with someone out of love and respect for God and to that person.  It isn’t a demeaning action.  We are instructed as wives to do that to our husbands.  Husbands are to respect their wives. If they do not, this can hinder answers to their prayers.  By having the right relationship with others, we can have the right relationship with God.

Our actions speak louder than words.  We are to show others the meaning of being a Christian by how we act more than what we say.

Keep the peace, do not take revenge, pray for our enemies, be a blessing.





Daily Bible Reading Day 214

Daily Bible Reading Day 214: Judges 16/Acts 20

Judges 16

Temptation and sin brought down the mighty Samson.  His choices led him ultimately to his death.  God loved him but let him have to deal with his consequences.

Samson was enticed by a woman named, Delilah.  She was asked and paid by the Philistine rulers to help them take down Samson.  Samson allowed his physical urges weaken him.  Those urges distorted his sense of reality.

Do you really want sin to take you away from God? Beauty is fleeting.  You need to know a person inside and out.  Your life will be reckless and dangerous, if you go based on physical attraction.

When you feel guilt, do not let pride hinder you to repentance.  God loves you and wants you walking with Him again.

Delilah asked him many time what gave him his strength.  He finally told her and this caused his capture.  The Philistines humiliated and tortured him.  Despite his sin, Samson prayed to God, asking for forgiveness.  In Samson’s death, God answered that prayer and took out the rulers and many Philistines.

Acts 20

Paul knew he would suffer for being a Christian.  This did not stop him from fulfilling his calling.  Suffering is unfortunately a part of walking the Christian life, because of the rejection of God.  Paul did have bad days but he kept his eyes on God. God will redeem all of this suffering and we will live an eternal life that is better than any good day here on earth.

Paul understood contentment better than most.  He was always happy with what he had as long as he was serving the Lord.  Our lives are not a failure if we don’t have money or non-stop fun.  It will be a failure if we don’t carry out the will God has for us.