Biblical Truths from a Spiritual Perspective
In the end times, how do we navigate through the darkness and deception so prevalent in our world today? How do we equip the next generation with the spiritual tools necessary to push back the forces of evil and to stand boldly as witnesses for Jesus Christ? In Biblical Truths from a Spiritual Perspective, Understanding the Concept of Inner Healing and Deliverance, author Lori Jean Medina and Lion’s Light International delve deep into many spiritual principles that have been mostly hidden and brushed under the rug by the global church, as a whole.
Unless people are healed and delivered, they are not able to walk in the freedom God intended for His people. The enemy’s desire is to keep people bound in childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, and torment their entire lives. Many, due to this trauma and torment, find themselves drawn to darkness and delve into witchcraft and many other forms of evil.
Get ready for the veil to be removed and the darkness exposed as the authors share not only biblically, but experientially in walking through and ministering Inner Healing and Deliverance all over the world.
Learn about the many different spirits including unforgiveness, the spirit of offense, the spirits of witchcraft, Baal, Freemasonry, and much more that seek to hold in bondage. Let the Word of God and the Truth of His Spirit minister absolute healing, deliverance, and freedom to your heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body. WALK IN YOUR FREEDOM!









Biblical Truths from a Spiritual Perspective Workbook
In this companion guide to Biblical Truths from a Spiritual Perspective, Understanding the Concept of Inner Healing and Deliverance, meditate upon the key principles in each chapter, answer the chapter questions, and journal through your journey as you hear God speak to you. Utilize this workbook and journal daily, along with the book, to gain greater understanding of spiritual warfare and God’s desire in equipping you to walk boldly and confidently in these last days.
As you walk through your Inner Healing and Deliverance, use these crucial tools to help bring someone else out of their own darkness.











Elephant in the room








Elephant in the Room

Throughout history, we have witnessed the gross spiritual abuse carried out by those that have been entrusted to lead, guide, direct, and set, by example, the standard for spiritual authority. Through great error, deception, and lack of accountability, these positions have become nothing short of twisted and perverted. Millions of Believers all over the world have become victims of verbal, emotional, mental, psychological, financial, cultural, physical, and yes, sexual abuse at the hands of spiritual authority. It is no wonder we can see thousands, even millions, of people continue to sit at the feet of these repeat abusers, because they are perceived as the 'voice of God'.

Healing the Shattered Soul








Healing the Shattered Soul

Tracy Kayser and James Hanley share real life stories of deliverance from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear, rage, obsessive compulsions, panic attacks, demonic strongholds, same sex attraction and trauma from child abuse. James clearly outlines the techniques of deliverance and inner healing that he has used to bring inner healing to those who had lost hope. James Hanley, pastor of Moriah Bible Fellowship, has experience in deliverance and inner healing that spans twenty years and over 4000 prayer/counseling sessions with remarkable results.









The Bride: A Prophetic Manifestation | COMING SOON!

I don’t just choose when to write a book. God has ALWAYS led me by Holy Spirit not only with a message, but also a timing. I’ve been praying over this message for 7 years, and the time is NOW! I have literally watched the process Father God has taken His Church through over the years. Much of what we perceive as evil, or the devil, is more about God’s sovereignty and His plan of Redemption for mankind. We don’t like suffering. We don’t like waiting. We don’t like the process. And we don’t like preparing. In the natural aspect of marriage, true marriage, we don’t fall in love, we grow in love. It is a process of continual growth.