Persevering in Jesus’ work in the midst of naysayers

Persevering in Jesus’ work in the midst of naysayers

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“Be not afraid, only believe.” This was Jesus Christ’s command to Jairus (Mark 5:36), who had just received word that his only daughter had died.

When Jesus arrived at Jairus’ home, many people were weeping and wailing over the body of the girl. “Weep not,” Jesus said. “She is not dead, but sleepeth.” At this, the mourners “laughed him to scorn” (Luke 8:52-53). This was not the first time Jesus’ words were mocked. It would not be the last time either. But Jesus didn’t rebuke the crowd of mocking mourners. He simply ordered them out of the house and called Jairus’ daughter back to life. Outside, the crowd’s scornful laughter may have turned to surprised silence and then celebration.

It’s not uncommon to hear a doubtful laugh when we propose to do something for Jesus. At times, it comes from someone who doesn’t know Jesus as the “Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). But even His believers may laugh in disbelief when we survey our sinful world’s jagged mountains of despair and tragedy. Our strength is little and our faith is littler. Maybe we have forgotten how He gave us, like Jairus’ daughter, new life after we had been dead in our trespasses and sin.

After a period of silence, Lion’s Light International is awake and alert and proposing afresh to persevere for the cause of Christ. There are many in this world who have never heard “how the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised” (Luke 7:22-23) in the powerful name of Jesus.

This summer, in fact, Lion’s Light is planning to send a small team to the United Kingdom with the objective of evangelizing, teaching in prayer for spiritual deliverance, and encouraging believers. As we rely on our Savior’s power and authority to follow through with His will, we humbly ask that you consider once again accompanying us in prayer and financial support. Together, we look forward to being able to laugh with joy with those whose lives Jesus reaches for His glory.

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