Day 3: Dispelling darkness with the “Light of the World”

Day 3: Dispelling darkness with the “Light of the World”

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Damp and dreary spring days along the western coast of England dissipate in the bright light of the Son. That’s what Lion’s Light International missions team members, Lori Jéan and Bailey, witnessed on Friday while lending a hand at the community center founded in Liverpool about six years ago by a local Christian friend. Although that friend has been ill recently, work to beautify and make the center a cozy and welcoming place continues.

Several homeless people arrived —a couple of women, but mainly men, some struggling with addiction—  received a meal, then lingered to chat. One lanky young man, Sam, strolled into the center, served himself a cup of coffee, and sat down beside Bailey and Lori Jéan. Sam had been to the center before and explained how he had given his life to Christ at a church sometime ago, but had been left on his own and never discipled. In fact, he couldn’t really find the words to describe who Jesus is, so Lori Jéan and Bailey walked him through what the Bible says about salvation in Christ. After Sam recommitted his life to the Savior, the LLI ladies followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and prayed with the young man.

In the tiny office of the community center, the three prayed and Sam asked God to forgive him before forgiving all who had done him harm, himself included. He also asked God to help him get rid of the sinful activities that are holding back his growth in Christ. As slim as he was, Sam seemed to walk out of the office several pounds lighter. He took off his baseball cap and was smiling and laughing with other people at the center. He also spoke of how he hopes the Lord will soon provide him with a guitar.

Bailey and Lori Jéan hope to follow up with Sam at the community center on Wednesday, when they will bring the Bible they have bought for him. Please be in prayer for this young man and the others who need the “light of the world” (John 8:12) in and around Liverpool.



June 8, 2019 at 11:18 am

So beautiful!!


June 9, 2019 at 7:32 am

Absolutely breathtaking! The pure, authentic Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on display! May God continue to lead & guide you both to those in need of His touch.

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