Daily Bible Reading Day 56

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Daily Bible Reading Day 56

Daily Bible Reading Day 56: Exodus 8/Luke 11

Exodus 8

Moses told Pharaoh that his country would be infested with frogs because he would not let The Israelites leave.   No place was safe from frogs.  Pharaoh said he would let Moses and his people go if he got rid of the frogs.  Moses got rid of the frogs through prayer.  But Pharaoh became stubborn and reneged on his promise.

Another plague, gnats, came upon the land of Egypt.  Even Pharaoh’s magicians said that this came from God.  But Pharaoh remained stubborn.

After the gnats left, God sent flies all over Egypt.  But there were no flies in the area where The Israelites lived.  Pharaoh asked for Moses to relieve them of the flies.  He said they could go sacrifice their animals in some land that Pharaoh designated.  Moses knew that this would be a compromise and told Pharaoh that they could not sacrifice the animals there.  Pharaoh wanted Moses to compromise and get what he wanted.  Moses did pray for the flies to leave and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened again.

When God asks us to be obedient, it is according to what He asks, not what we can twist and manipulate.

Luke 11

Jesus teaches his disciples (and us) about prayer.  Jesus praised God first and then made his requests.  May our prayers be a conversation with God.  We are in a relationship with God, not demanding our wishes be fulfilled.  Jesus says we are to be persistent and bold with our prayers.

Jesus was casting out a demon from a mute person.  Some of the people watching could not believe that this power came from Father God, but from the devil.  Jesus always knew what to say.  Jesus turned their accusations against them.  He also pointed out how once we are emptied of sin or evil, we must be filled with The Holy Spirit, one of the greatest gifts The Heavenly Father gave us.  If we don’t, the evil will still come back.

Jesus wants our hearts to be pure, so we can be a light for unbelievers.

After Jesus was finished speaking a Pharisee invited Jesus for a meal.  Jesus didn’t follow their tradition of wash before a meal.  That Pharisee began to criticize Jesus.  Jesus gave examples of their hypocrisy and religious rhetoric.  Jesus knew they were not pure in heart and how their demands were not helping the community grow in their relationship with God.

The Pharisees and teachers of law were very upset and wanted to prove Him wrong.

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