Daily Bible Reading Day 86

Daily Bible Reading Day 86

Daily Bible Reading Day 86: Proverbs 14

Proverbs 14

Wisdom is gained by learning from experience and staying aligned with God.  Looking for the easy way out is tempting, but it produces laziness instead of doing what is right.  Doing the right thing, means we may have to sacrifice something and work hard.  Always choose God’s way.

Anger destroys relationships.  Righteous anger is only valid  towards injustice and sin.  Get involved only when you can effective produce positive change.  If your motives are selfish or vindictive, nothing good will come of it.

God wants us to take care of the poor.  It honors God when we help others less fortunate.  Many people judge or look down upon people who are poor.  You never know why someone may be in a bad situation.  Instead of judging, help someone!  If you help someone, you will not enable them to stay poor, you will give them hope!


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