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Daily Bible Reading Day 58

Daily Bible Reading Day 58: Job 28

Job 28

To find real wisdom, is to fear the Lord.  This fear means to trust, respect, and know the power of God.  Job explained that true wisdom will never be found on Earth.  Even if you brought the greatest and brightest minds together, it could not equal the wisdom of God.

Read your Bible! You have access can get God’s wisdom right there!

Daily Bible Reading Day 57

Daily Bible Reading Day 57: Job 27

Job 27

Job did not sin to cause his suffering.  He knew he was not perfect, but he was forgiven.  His conscience was clear.  Job’s friends still believed he was sinful, but Job knew he was not.

Daily Bible Reading Day 55

Daily Bible Reading Day 55: Job 25 & 26

Job 25

Bildad spoke to Job again and blamed his situation on sin.  Bildad said Job was prideful since Job claims he was not sinful.  Job knew he was not without sin, but that he could not be suffering because of specific sin.

Job 26

Job justified his life as honest.  He knew he followed God.  Job told his friends, like Bildad that they could not know everything about God because God’s wisdom is so vast.  Many times we accuse and advise people who are in terrible situations, instead of showing love and compassion.  Try to remember how we want to be treated when times are rough.

Daily Bible Reading Day 55

Daily Bible Reading Day 55: Job 24

Job 24

In a world where evil seems to profit and win and God’s believers only seem to suffer, we must take confidence in knowing God is in control and evil will not prevail.  We never know people’s full story.  People of the world mention the good in their lives.  It is unfair to compare ourselves.  We need to make sure we align our lives with God’s will for us.

Daily Bible Reading Day 54

Daily Bible Reading Day 54: Job 23

Job 23-Notes from yesterday

Job wanted to know why he was suffering so much.  If he knew the reason why he suffered, then he could repent for the sin.  Job wanted God to redeem him.

Eliphaz accused Job of having a secret sin.  However, Job knew he was a man of integrity and God would be just.

Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.  Let us ask for forgiveness daily and dwell that we are free indeed.


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