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Daily Bible Reading Day 212

Category : Encouragement

Daily Bible Reading Day 212: Judges 14/Acts 18

No notes today.

Daily Bible Reading Day 211

Daily Bible Reading Day 211: Judges 13/Acts 17

Judges 13

The Israelites were stuck in the cycle of sin and oppression.  It was only until they felt God’s punishment did they turn back to Him.  Do not hit rock bottom before turning back to God.  Stay with God as difficult as circumstances may get.

An angel appeared to the wife of Manoah.  She was unable to get pregnant and bear children.  The angel told her that she will bear a son, named Samson and he will lead the Israelites out of the hands of Philistines.  The angel told her that she had to follow three guidelines: his hair can never be cut, he can not drink alcohol, and not to touch a dead body.

Samson ultimately began the deliverance of the Israelites from the Philistines, but he didn’t finish it.  We may be called to do something, but not see the end result.  It doens’t matter, it is all necessary.

Acts 17

Paul taught the gospel in many different cities/countries.  Paul was wise in how he taught the gospel.  He would teach the Old Testament to the Jewish People and then talk about Jesus.  If he spoke to the Greeks, he spoke about one true God to show them they didn’t need their polytheism.  He spoke from the truth and the preparation of his studies.  Learn about God, study the Bible, hear people speak about God.  Through this be prepared to share the good news of God.

Paul didn’t convert every person he came across.  His message was rejected too.  Do not let that stop you from praying for people and telling them about God.

Daily Bible Reading Day 209

Daily Bible Reading Day 209: Judges 12/Acts 16

Judges 12

Israel had won a great battle.  The Ephraimites tribe were jealous and asked Jephthah why they were not asked to help.  This angered Jephthah.  He said he did call for them to help, but now he felt threatened but their tribe.  They battled and the tribe of Ephraimites lost 42,000 men from this petty argument.  Both sides were wrong with their reaction.  Jealousy and acting impulsively creates terrible results.

Acts 16

Timothy joined Paul and Silas ministry team.  Paul chose him.  He was not circumsized and wasn’t required.  But Timothy chose to be, so there was no doubt that he was dedicated.  Sometimes, we go the extra mile for God, even if we are not required.  But, it is all for His glory.

The team met Lydia, a merchant with great influence.  Lydia felt the presence of God and her heart was opened.  Her entire family accepted Christ.  She had them stay at her home.

Paul and Silas encountered a young girl who was a slave and fortune teller.  Her ability was caused by a demon.  They cast out the demon in her and she received the Holy Spirit. The owners of the girl, realized she could not make them money anymore and they got Paul and Silas to be arrested for causing an uproar in their city.

Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail.  Yet they prayed, sang and worshipped the Lord.  There was great earthquake that the doors opened of the jail.  The jailer tried to commit suicide, because he would be punished for Paul and Silas escaping jail.  Instead of running, Paul and Silas, stopped the jailer from killing himself.  They lead him to accept Christ.  The jailer brought Paul and Silas to his home and they baptized the entire family.

The next morning, the leaders released Paul and Silas from their charges and they went to back to Lydia’s home to encourage their friends and left town.

Paul and Silas trusted their lives with God.  They were brave and endure a lot.  But they knew God was with them always.



Daily Bible Reading Day 208

Category : Encouragement

Daily Bible Reading Day 208: Judges 10/ Acts 14

Sorry I missed the day. But no notes.

Daily Bible Reading Day 209

Category : Encouragement

Daily Bible Reading Day 209: Judges 11/Acts 15

No notes.


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