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Daily Bible Reading Day 151

Category : Encouragement

Daily Bible Reading Day 151: Deuteronomy 4/Psalms 86-87

No notes today.

Daily Bible Reading Day 150

Daily Bible Reading Day 150: Deuteronomy 3/Psalms 85

Deuteronomy 3

Nothing is too big for God.  The Israelites came across the army of Og, the king of Bashan.  They were stronger and outnumbered them.  But God said He would fight for His people.  Let us remain obedient and let God fight for us.

Joshua was to replace Moses as the leader of the Israelites.  Moses made sure Joshua would be equipped.  When one is in a leadership position, that a time will come to step down and have a new leader.  Assist in that transition.

Psalms 85

We all need revival in our lives.  We get too busy, go through the motions and forget about God.  Ask God to revive you in all areas of your life.  God wants to be #1 in your life.  Busyness is detrimental in our spiritual life.  Even in this psalmist time, he asked for revival for the people.


Daily Bible Reading Day 149

Category : Encouragement

Daily Bible Reading Day 149: Deuteronomy 2 & Psalms 83-84 

No notes today.

Daily Bible Reading Day 148

Daily Bible Reading Day 148: Deuteronomy 1 & Psalms 81-82

Deuteronomy 1

Moses gave a summary of their journey to the promised land.  That journey should have only taken about 11 days, but instead took almost 40 years.  God wanted to prepare His people to be obedient so they could live peacefully in their promised land.  However sin, through idol worship, sexual immorality and complaining drew out their travel.

God gave His covenant to follow from the beginning of the journey at Mount Sinai.  His people should have known right from wrong.  In today’s time, we know right from wrong.  We have no excuse.  Let us stand firm in obeying God.

Moses appointed leaders to help him lead the people out of Egypt.  It was too difficult to carry that burden.  Let us reach out for the help of others instead of trying to do everything alone.

Psalms 81

David implemented music into temple services.  Worship and music help us be close to God and lift us up.  Through song, we can remember God’s goodness.

God allows us free will.  We can rebel and sin.  But we will suffer the consequences from sin and learn lessons.

Psalms 82

God will judge the sinners and those who brought persecution against His people, especially the innocent.

Daily Bible Reading Day 147

Daily Bible Reading Day 147: Numbers 36/Psalms 80

Numbers 36

In cases of inheritance, the male children would be the ones to receive.  There was a family where there were only daughters.  Their father, Zelophehad, died and had five daughters.  They went to Moses asking if they could claim their inheritance.  God said if there were no sons, the daughter would receive it.  Moses was concerned if they married outside of their clan.  Moses instructed them they could keep their inheritance as long as they married in their clan.

The book of Numbers has shown us what a lack of trust, complaining, and sin can bring to a nation.  As difficult as it is, we must always trust God, even if it is not how we would plan our lives.

Psalms 80

Restoration.  Who doesn’t want to that?  When we come to the point of repentance and ask for forgiveness, God will restore us.  Sin destroys our lives.  Let us be convicted and ask for forgiveness so that we can be healed and restored.


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