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Daily Bible Reading Day 90

Daily Bible Reading Day 90: Leviticus 2&3/John 21

Leviticus 2

People offered grain type offerings with the burnt offerings as gifts to God.  This offering was a reminder that God gave them food.

These grain offerings were without yeast/leaven and some had salt.  Yeast makes dough rise.  Yeast is similar to how sin is in our lives.  Even a little bit of yeast in bread will affect the dough, just like a little bit of sin will take over our lives.  Salt represents the activity that God has in our lives.  We are “the salt of the earth”.  Salt gives flavor and preserves.  With God in our lives, we are powerful.

Leviticus 3

Fellowship offerings were like peace offerings.  They offered this as a representation for their fellowship with God.

John 21

Peter denied Jesus 3 times before His death.  Jesus wanted to commission Peter.  Peter was a fisherman.  Peter needed to fully commit in order to only serve Jesus.

Jesus saw the disciples out on the sea.  They were close enough to the shore for Jesus to ask if they caught any fish.  They were having a difficulty catching fish. The disciples didn’t recognize it was Jesus.  Jesus told them to throw the net over the right side of the boat.  When they did and pulled up the net it was so full of fish that they couldn’t pull up the net.

Peter saw it was Jesus and jumped off the boat to swim to the shore.  The boat followed Peter to shore.  Jesus had a fire ready to cook some of their fish.  He asked them all to come to Him with fish and have breakfast with Him.

Jesus spoke to Peter about committing his life fully to serving Him.  He asked Peter three times if he loved Him.  Peter answered each time “yes”.  Jesus prophesized that Peter would die on a cross for serving Jesus.  Peter asked if John would die too.   Jesus told Peter not to be concerned with others, but only with himself.  We constantly compare our walk with God to others.  We need only be concerned with God’s will for us.



Daily Bible Reading Day 89

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Daily Bible Rading Day 89: Leviticus 1/John 20

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Passover/Seder Service

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We have our regular church service on every other Saturday evening. This past Saturday evening we had a special guest, Pastor Karen, at our church service. She taught us about Passover/Seder. It was an amazing night of learning, praying and fellowship. We had a full house.

Here are just a few pictures of the evening.

Daily Bible Reading Day 88

Daily Bible Reading Day 88: Exodus 40/John 19

Exodus 40

Building the tabernacle was truly a group effort.  Moses was the leader but he entrusted all the people to take part some how.  We as Christians are to help to advance the Kingdom of God.  Do something not nothing, no matter how big or small.  All is appreciated and valued by God and the church.

The Israelites endured great hardship escaping Egypt and then they were brought great glory after the tabernacle was built.  Pain then glory/redemption.  This is like our lives today.  We will endure hardship and then God will redeem.

John 19

Jesus was tortured before He hung on the cross.  Pilate tried to talk to Jesus but succumbed to the pressures of the Jewish people that Pilate would be against Cesar.

Pilate gave Jesus to the guards and they prepared Him for the cruxificion.  The stripped Jesus of his clothes and only allowed a small piece of garment to cover Him.  This was all in the prophesies in the books of the Old Testament.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the wife of Clopas saw Jesus hanging on the cross.  Jesus asked for his thirst to be quenched and they gave him cheap wine.  Then he said, “It is finished” and his spirit left Him and he died on the cross.

Usually the guards would break the legs of the people who were crucified but they did not with Jesus.  They did pierce his side and blood and water came out.  Jesus did indeed die.  Bones of sacrificial lambs used at Passover were never broken.  Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice.

Joseph and Nicodemus, were secret Jewish  followers of Jesus.  They prepared Jesus’ body for the burial and wrapped Him in linen.  He was placed inside a tomb in a garden.


Daily Bible Reading Day 87

Daily Bible Reading Day 87: Exodus 39/John 18

Exodus 39

The tabernacle was finally completed.  Every detail that God instructed to Moses was executed well by the people.  Moses blessed them for all of the hard work.  Moses entrusted the people with huge responsibility to complete the tabernacle correctly.  And God was pleased.

John 18

Jesus knew Judas was the disciple who would betray Him.  The time had now come for Judas to sell out Jesus.  There religious leaders and guards came to arrest Jesus and take Him away for trial.  Jesus asked them who they came for.  They said, “Jesus of Nazareth”.  And Jesus replied, “I am he”.  This was His declaration that He was God.

Peter tried to stop the arrest.  He drew his sword and cut off an ear of one of the guards.  Jesus stopped anymore damage. It was difficult for these disciples to see the man they have come to love, serve and trust to be arrested.

God always has a plan even if we don’t understand it.  We should not take matters into our own hands.  We need to hear from God.

Jesus did tell Peter he would deny him 3 times.  We never think we would deny Jesus, but when things get tough and uncomfortable we may be in the same situation.  Stand on guard for God no matter what.

Two high priest, Annas and Caiaphas, were there to question Jesus.  First Annas heard him and then Jesus was taken to Caiaphas.  All of this was done in the middle of the night. They truly had nothing on Jesus, but were building a false case against Him.  These high priests only wanted to advance their political ambitions instead of listening to scripture and seeing the truth.

The disciples were hurting.  Peter was asked if he knew Jesus and he denied knowing Him, just like Jesus said.

After the meetings with Annas and Caiaphas, they brought Jesus to Pilate.  Pilate knew the religious leaders hated Jesus.  However Pilate was not sure why Jesus was being arrested.  The religious leaders tried to convince Pilate that Jesus was claiming to be their King, their Messiah. Pilate asked Jesus and Jesus said He was King but for another world.

Pilate found Jesus to be innocent.  But instead of releasing Jesus, he tried to have them do the deciding.  Pilate asked to release Jesus or someone else and the Jews asks for the murderer, Barabbas, instead of Jesus.


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