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Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 31: Genesis 32/Mark 3

Genesis 32

Jacob was seeking a place for his family to settle.  He came upon an area where angels of God met him.  Jacob sent ahead some messengers to find his brother Esau.  Jacob wanted to make ammends with his brother.

His messengers came back and said that Esau is coming to meet him with his 400 men army.  The last time Jacob and Esau were together, Esau wanted to kill him for taking away what was rightfully his.

Jacob was faced with a difficult situation of seeing his brother.  Even though Jacob was wrong to deceive his brother, he sought after God through prayer for direction and protection.

Since it would take awhile for Esau to meet him, Jacob sept the night there.  A man came over to Jacob and begins to fight him.  He and Jacob fought all night and the man ended up dislocating Jacob’s hip.  Jacob in this situation was wrestling God.  God changed his name from Jacob to Israel.  Israel means, one who struggles with God but overcomes.

Mark 3

Jesus went into a synagogue and there was a man that needed healing on his hand.  It was illegal to work on the Sabbath.  The religious leaders were looking for anything they could use against Jesus.  Jesus asked if it was better to heal or kill on the Sabbath and then he healed the man’s hand.  The religious leaders did not like they were proven wrong and began to plot the murder of Jesus.  Interestingly, this would be illegal on the Sabbath too…

Jesus knew the Pharisees hated him.  But he did not like their motives and constantly exposed them.  Jesus drew a lot of crowds wherever he went.  Evil spirits fell and proclaimed Jesus was the son of God.  Jesus always has the ultimate victory over evil.

Jesus selected his 12 disciples.  They ranged from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Jesus was in another house and crowds were following him.  Some religious leaders could not understand where Jesus’ power came from and accused him of being under Satan’s power.  Jesus again told them they were wrong and showed the truth.

Jesus stated that we have a family were are born into but our brothers and sisters in Christ are just as important, if not more.  God’s family is inclusive.  When people commit to living their lives for God, the church family is of great importance.

Let us strive for solid personal relationships.  Not through a screen either!

Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 30: Genesis 31/Mark 2

Genesis 31

Jacob and his family fled their land because they were trying to escape Laban.  They had enough of his lies and cheating from what was due to them.

They escaped with their children and their livestock.  Rachel took some of Laban’s idols.  Laban’s other children were jealous that Jacob had the better livestock.

Jacob worked harder than what was expected.  God loves it when we put all of our efforts into what we do, no matter how small or large the job.

Laban was told Jacob and family fled.  Laban went to find them.  Mainly, he wanted his idols that Rachel stole.

When Laban found Jacob he asked for his idols and why they fled.  Jacob told him how he was cheated by him.  Laban made a covenant with Jacob and God to end the abuse.  He blessed his daughters and his grandchildren and left.

Mark 2

Jesus was in the town of Capernaum.  He was speaking inside a home.  A paralyzed man needed healing.  His friends want him to see Jesus so badly, they tried to bring him into the home.  But the home was so crowded, they brought him in though the roof.

Jesus told him his sins were forgiven and he healed him.  Of course the religious teachers couldn’t see the miracle.  They were blinded by their dedication to the law.

Jesus continued to meet with people.  He went to Matthew’s home (he was a tax collector-an occupation that was considered horrible) and with other sinners.  Jesus said he is here for the sick, since people who are healed do not need a doctor.  Let us reach out to those who need Jesus!

The religious leaders and John’s disciples were fasting and people asked why Jesus and his disciples weren’t fasting.  The Pharisees fasted for recognition.  Fasting is for cleansing, not gloating about being pious.

Jesus said they will be a time of fasting when He is not with them.  Jesus gave examples of old and new wine skins.  The old wineskins was representation of our old lives.  We have new wineskins after we accept Jesus.   When we accept Jesus, our lives we should allow change.



Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 29: Genesis 30/Mark 1

Genesis 30

Jacob had a wife, Rachel, who had trouble conceiving.  Rachel and his other wife, Leah were in a competition to provide as many sons as possible, by giving Jacob their maidservants.  Jacob should have prayed like Isaac did for Rebekah.  Instead the introduction of other women to bear his children caused many problems and great stress and anger.

Even though this was the acceptable custom, it doesn’t mean it is right.  We see this with the customs of today.  Just because everyone does it, it doesn’t make it right.  Following God is difficult, but there is greater freedom than living a sinful life.

God did open Rachel’s womb and she bore a son, Joseph.  God does not forget about us.  We must be patient while we wait for God to fulfill his promises.

Mark 1

Each of the gospels tell many of the same things about Jesus, but highlight different areas.  There are subtle details in the description of events.

Mark covered a lot of Jesus’ life in this first chapter.  He wrote about the prophesy from Isaiah about the savior, how John the Baptist announced that someone greater than he will be coming up and Jesus’ ministry.

We see the ministry and message of Jesus explained in the rest of the chapter.  We see how Jesus heals, teaches and how some men became his disciples.

Jesus took time to pray.  He resisted temptation from Satan.  Jesus told Satan where to go by His word.  We have that ability as well to rebuke the enemy.  Jesus displayed great authority.  Jesus always had the final say over evil.

Whenever we are plagued by evil, ask for forgiveness, forgive others and pray that the evil spirits leave.  Quote Bible verses and through prayer proclaim Jesus’ victory!


Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 28: Genesis 29/Matthew 28

Genesis 29

Jacob continued his travels and came upon some shepherds.  He asked where they were from and if they knew his Uncle Laban.  Soon arrived Laban’s daughter, Rachel.  Jacob immediately fell in love with Rachel and kissed her.  They brought him back to talk to Laban.  Jacob saw the family, including Rachel’s older sister, Leah.

Jacob didn’t have any dowry to offer Laban for Rachel to become his wife.  So Jacob, offered hard work and labor for seven years so he could have Rachel.  Laban agreed.

When the seven years ended Jacob wanted to have Rachel, however, it was custom for the oldest daughter to be married first.  Laban offered Leah and told him, he must marry her and then he could work for him another seven years to have Rachel.  Jacob was so angry at Laban’s deception, but agreed.

Jacob deceived his father, Isaac.  Truly, what goes around comes around.  But Jacob loved Rachel so much, he worked for those seven years.  Good things come to those who wait.  Laban did offer Rachel to him shortly after he and Leah married.

Leah was able to conceive many children and Rachel was barren.  Leah gave birth to four boys.

Matthew 28

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, went to see the tomb of Jesus.  There was a great earthquake and an angel of the Lord appeared.  The guards shook in fear.  The angel told the Marys, not to be afraid and go tell the disciples that Jesus has risen!

They went looking for the disciples.  Jesus met them.  He instructed them again to not be afraid and go find his “brothers”, his disciples.

The guards that were at the tomb, told the religious leaders what had happened.  The religious leaders devised a plan and bribed the guards, with a lot of money and not to tell what happened.

There are many who still deny his resurrection.  But we know He is risen indeed!  Believe!

Then Jesus went to the mountain where he was to meet the disciples.  Some worshipped and some doubted seeing him.  Jesus instructed the disciples.  Jesus said he has all authority in heaven and on earth and to go make more disciples here and all over the world, to baptize them through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to obey everything He commanded and to know He was with them always.

This was known as the great commission.  Whether we are missionaries to the ends of the earth or in our own city, we are to follow what Jesus instructed his disciples.

Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading Day 27: Genesis 28/Matthew 27

Genesis 28

Isaac blessed Jacob and told him to not marry a Canaanite woman.  Issac told him where to travel towards the city of Paddan Abram.  Esau heard how displeased Isaac was with Canaanite women, so Esau went and took another wife from Canaan.

Jacob settled and found a stone.  He used it as a pillow and fell asleep.  God visited Jacob in a dream and told him this is where he shall remain and he will be promised many descendants.  When Jacob awoke, he made a vow to God to stay.  The city was called Bethel.

Matthew 27

The religious leaders and chief priests made their decision to hand over Jesus to Pilate, the governor.

Judas realized what he had done and tried to convince the leaders to let Jesus go.  Unfortunately, they were too deep into their plan and would not stop.  Judas hanged himself.

Jesus was questioned by Pilate.  Jesus only answered one question.  Pilate wasn’t sure about why Jesus was being charged.  The religious leaders needed to have a government official charge him because they could not.  They twisted Jesus’ words into a political crime.  Pilate knew he couldn’t persuade the crowd, so he caved under their pressure and sent Jesus to be cruicified.

Jesus was spat on, beaten, ridiculed and verbally abused by the Roman soldiers.  The torture was unbelievable.

Jesus died on the cross, after many hours of suffering.  When Jesus took His last breath, the curtain of the temple slit in two and there was an earthquake.  The tombs of many opened up. Those that were at the cross saw this event and knew for sure, Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus was moved to a tomb by the request of one of the disciples, named Joseph.  Joseph prepared Jesus’ body and laid it in a tomb.  He rolled a boulder in front of the entrance.  Mary Magdalene and Mary were sitting there watching the tomb.

The Pharisees and chief priests asked Pilate for there to be guards in front of the tomb.  The reason is they remembered Jesus said he would rise on the third day.  They wanted to make sure no one would move Jesus’ body.





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